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I'm a nursing major. How do I find articles by nurse authors?

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There is no way, but here are some tips (the video above shows tips 1 and 3, step-by-step):

1. You can add 

AND nurs*

to your keyword search in any of our databases or MCC Library OneSearch. This will look for some form of the word nurse in the title, abstract, and subject tags of the articles.

2. You can search Ovid, which only includes nursing journals. 

3. You can choose "advanced search" in EBSCO databases (including OneSearch, the PICO search box, and CINAHL) and find options to check off for nursing. In CINAHL you can choose nursing under Journal Subset and you can check "Any author is a nurse," a box just above the Journal Subset box. In other databases you can choose Nursing and Allied Health as a discipline. 

Please ask a librarian if you need help with these strategies.

Also, see our Nursing and PICO research guides.